AEROSEAL is the most innovative product on the HVAC market. AEROSEAL is a breakthrough product for sealing of duct work from the inside – which makes it ideal for use on pre-existing runs as well as new duct.
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    AEROSEAL is the most innovative product on the European HVAC market for sealing both pre-installed and new duct systems from the inside.
    AEROSEAL transforms duct sealant into a gas using heated compressed air; the aerosolised particles then travel through the duct and find the leaks. The adhesive AEROSEAL particles will attach to the surface of the duct around the leak, and seal it without having to coat the entire inside of the duct. Leaks of up to 1.5 cm are sealed to withstand pressures up to 2000 Pa. AEROSEAL can reduce duct leakage by up to 90%!

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    The entire process only takes a few steps.
    1) All inlets and outlets are sealed with either foam or metal plugs and taped over with duct wrap.
    2) Connections to the air duct and air handling units, fans, or heat exchangers are disconnected and any sensors should be taped over to prevent sealant entering them.
    3) The AEROSEAL is then connected to the duct by way of a transparent plastic hose and the duct is pressurised allowing the sealant to find and seal the leaks.


    AEROSEAL is the most efficient way to seal leaking duct work, saving time, energy, and hassle


    The MEZ DUCT TESTER device enables you to determine the amount of air leakage in a duct work system; and measure the air tightness class achieved according to DIN EN 13779, to DIN EN 1507 and DIN EN 12237. The device is fully equipped for use on construction sites and can be transported anywhere in its robust plastic carry case. Another carry case is provided for hoses and accessories. The thermal printer is also portable and has a USB port so you can choose to print on site or transfer the data onto USB. The simple menu navigation makes it a breeze to learn and operate.

    Technical Data:
    -Test Pressure: +6,500Pa/-3,500Pa
    -Weight: 9.5kg
    -integrated thermal printer
    -working range: 0.08 to 35l/s, 0.29 to 126 m3/h

    -Multilingual – EN,GER,FR,IT,SWED
    -Adjustment of test pressure in 5 Pa steps
    -Adjustment of surface 0.1 to 2000m2
    -Report with m3/h as unit for leakage
    -Test and report possible at leakage rates from<0.11 l/s
    -MEZ DUCT TESTER in aluminium case
    -Power cable 230V AC 2m long
    -Air hose 5m length
    -Hose for pressure measurment 5m length
    -log printer
    -USB flash drive