Drain Pipe

LIMS HVAC import Pro Pipe’s Air Conditioning & Refrigeration drain pipe which is specially developed for the HVAC/R industry. It features a high quality finish with smooth internal and external surfaces. Pro Pipe provides a low coefficient of flow friction. Pro Pipe is produced from the finest raw materials – Lead Free, *UV Stabilised. Exact internal and external tolerances for a perfect fit with Pro Pipe pressure fittings. Pro Pipe is sealed in an easy to remove plastic wrapping to maintain a professional finish. Available in 3.9m or 2.1m and with all the required fittings. LIMS HVAC also stock a range of premium quality flexible drain pipe from Pro Pipe, Rodigas, and Niccons. Coming in 25m and 50m rolls. All flexible drain pipe is UV stabilised to ensure maximum length of life. The high quality PVC ensures against the pipe splitting and cracking.