Air Regulation

Regulators and Quadrants to fit all kinds of dampers in sheet metal duct work. These heavy gauge plated steel quadrants are designed with excellent handle action as well as quick wing nut adjustment and locking of the damper. The frame is marked to show the exact position of the damper. Jiffy regulators are an efficient, low cost, heavy gauge, plated steel regulator that install in a “jiffy” by simply slipping the washer and handle over the threaded square end bearing. The wing nut locks the damper in position. The position of the handle indicates the position of the damper in the duct. Dial Regulators are heavy gauge, plated steel regulators that are among the most popular on the market. They minimize air leakage and reduce rattle. A wing nut locks the damper in position, yet permits quick readjustment. The dial shows the damper position at a glance.