EDC Cougar


• Electronic Energy Control system (EECS) with alarm circuit
• Soft start with EECS
• All electrical components safely encapsulated against moisture ingress
• Submersible
• Amazingly quiet
• Powerful and compact
• Filter and non-return valves built in
• No mechanical floats to stick
• CE and UL marked

Technical Specifications

Power Supply: 110/230V, 50/60 Hz Auto sensing
Power Consumption: 17W max., 0.25 when idle
Alarm Relay: 5A, 30 VDC, 250VAC Break on fault
Capacity: 12 litres/hour max. (3.6 US gal/h)
Discharge head: >20m (65 ft) vertical,
>100m (328 ft) horizontal
1m max. (3.28 ft) suction
Ambient temp: 0° C – 40° C (32 F to 104 F)
Material: Flame retardant ABS – UL94.5 VA
Discharge tube: 6mm (1/4”) ID
Dimensions: 160 x 43 x 34 mm

Weighted Sound Power level: < 23dB
Weighted Emission sound pressure level
at a distance of 1m, calculated from the
weighted sound power level: < 12dB


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The COUGAR drain pan pump is a submersible condensate pump designed to automatically remove condensate water from refrigerated cases, dehumidifiers, fan coils and air conditioning systems. The pump is intended to be installed within a collection tray inside the equipment. The water level is measured by an electronic Energy Control System (EECS) that controls the operation of the pump via the fully encapsulated circuitry.

The smart alternative to a tank pump or a condensate pan heater


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