HVAC Accessories Flex Flow Elbows

HVAC Accessories Flex Flow Elbows

• Save Energy by Increasing Airflow Efficiency
• Eliminate Flexible Duct Kinks and Restrictions
• Works with ALL Residential and Commercial Flexible Ducts
• Retrofit on any Existing Flexible Duct
• UL Listed and Approved – Residential and Commercial
• Universal Design – Adjusts to Fit 6” – 16” Flexible Ducts

Without FlexFlow Elbow
Unsupported flexible duct can cause restricted airflow, system inefficiency and excessive energy consumption
FlexFlow Elbow
Forms flexible duct into a non restrictive, leakproof 90 degree elbow. Energy efficiency is dramatically improved.


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Flex Flow Elbows – FFE

The FlexFlow elbow maximises air flow by economically forming any brand and any size of commercial or residential flexible duct into a highly efficient 90° Elbow; making it one of the indispensable accessories for installing flexible duct.


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