Data Logger EL-USB-2-LCD

Data Logger EL-USB-2-LCD

Temperature and Humidity USB Data Logger
Lascar's stand alone data logger measures over 16,00 readings -35° to +80°C range and 0 to 100% humidity. At the touch of a button you can use the on-board LCD display to cycle between the current, minimum and maximum temperature and humidity logs. Data can be downloaded directly from the data logger via USB without the need to set up with a CD, allowing for fast, efficient graphing and printing of data as well as exportation to other devices.
Lascar data logger with LCD display. Capable of storing up to 16,379 relative temperature and humidity readings over 0 – 100% RH and -35 to 80°C measurement ranges.


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Lascar's data logger is incredibly easy to use, as it stores all of its data on the data logger itself without any need to install from a separate CD. Just plug and play. They are the easiest data logger to use.