About us

LIMS-HVACR have carefully selected our HVACR products to compete in the New Zealand and Australasian markets.

LIMS-HVACR is aware that in order to compete we must have top of the line, design engineered products, competitive pricing and services.

Bearing this in mind we distribute a wide range of products, recognised worldwide for their quality and reliability. Products such as MEZ-technik, Duro Dyne, Niccons, Mizu, Charles Austen (Blue Diamond).

All the products we supply meet our high standard of performance and are chosen for their suitability to perform in New Zealand conditions.

At LIMS HVAC we remain committed to:


  • Providing customer service that constantly delivers quality products and timely service


  • Importing innovative quality products for the HVACR industry that will result in cost effectiveness for our customers and also provide alternative solutions to existing methods


  • Providing an enjoyable work environment for all employees, customers and visitors.