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LOKRING Solder free tube connections

The new product video of VULKAN LOKRING shows in a comprehensive and entertaining manner how LOKRING® solder-free tube connections are used for the installation and repair of refrigeration and air conditioning systems and why they are clearly superior to conventional soldered connections.

MEZ Flange System

World leading German engineered MEZ flange meets all the requirements for tightness in duct work joining. LIMS-HVACR are now the exclusive New Zealand agents to ensure MEZ flange’s continued presence in the market.


The most innovative product on the HVAC market for sealing installed duct work from the inside. MEZ-AEROSEAL will reduce leaks in ducts by an average of 90%

MEZ Duct Tester

MEZ DuctTester is an air tightness testing device to measure how much air has leaked from a duct system and what class your duct has achieved according to DIN EN 13779, DIN EN 1507 and DIN EN 12237. When used with the MEZ-AEROSEAL you have the complete leak reduction kit.

Mizu Foam

LIMS-HVACR now stock MIZU Foam Air-Conditioner Cleaner, an incredibly easy to use and environmentally friendly coil cleaner for your air conditioner. MIZU foam cleans any substance that causes blockage in the air conditioner quickly, safely and efficiently. DIY product, each can will clean up to 6 Air conditioners.

MiniBlue Condensate Pump

Charles Austen Pump’s revolutionary BlueDiamond condensate pump uses rotary diaphragm technology which drastically reduces the noise of the pump and allows Miniblue to run wet or dry. They are the only pump on the market to come with a three year warranty. Foregoing the use of a float switch with two temperature sensors allows the most easy fit and forget installation.

Saurermann Omega Pack Condensate Pump

Omega Pack is designed to fit under mini-split air conditioning units. It includes the Si-20 pump, which incorporates the latest in piston pump technology.