Airflow Hygiene

Sealed ducts mean airflow safety for medical, sterile manufacturing and laboratory facilities

If you need your ventilation to be a closed system to avoid cross-contamination, you can't afford unsealed ducts.

Leaking ducts can allow unsafe airflow in hospitals and healthcare facilities as uncontrolled air paths distribute pathogens and contribute to unsanitary conditions. ​

If fume hoods are not exhausted properly, or a ventilation system is unsealed, contaminants can enter the building cavity. This increases process risk, and can compromise sterile manufacturing spaces, laboratory testing and high containment areas. Sensitive electronic equipment and computers may be continually exposed to unnecessary particulates. Operating theatre humidity can be difficult to manage.

When clean air is vital for health and laboratory process integrity, sealing ducts with Aeroseal can help ensure clean rooms are in control and kept free of contagions, operating room air is safe, and aseptic preparation is not compromised by airborne contaminants. Sealing ducts can help microbial testing services pass QC checks, and hospitals and healthcare facilities maintain safe air supplies to patients and operating rooms.

​ Also, as fans represent around 50% of cleanroom energy usage, even small duct leaks will overwork fans, and significantly increase power consumption.

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