Indoor Environmental Quality

Increase Indoor Air Quality and thermal comfort with Aeroseal

It's vital to VENTILATE RIGHT for a healthy, comfortable living space

Are you breathing easy, feeling well, and fully energised at work and home?

Most of us now know some of the effects of living and working in an unhealthy environment, and what an unhealthy building might look or feel like. We know that good Indoor Air Quality means a mould, moisture and contaminant-free place to live and work and that thermal comfort is vital too. Breathing difficulties, allergies and illnesses can occur when we are exposed to air-borne contaminants and are too hot or cold at home or work.

Some of us have heard the saying “Build Tight, Ventilate Right”. What this means is now that our buildings are getting more airtight, it’s even more important that we ventilate them properly, because an airtight building is great – unless it is trapping in condensation, contaminants and odours.

Inadequate moisture and pollutant removal don’t just make us sick, it also causes rotting and damage to the building itself.

So, it’s really important that our homes and workplaces effectively remove moisture, CO2, and VOCs (odour causing chemicals) to the outside, and bring in the fresh air we need to keep us healthy, happy, and productive.

If your building has ventilation or exhaust ducting that isn’t properly sealed, the leaks in those ducts could be leaving moisture, pollutants and CO2 inside, and actually bringing contaminants and odours to living spaces. 

Unsealed ducts won’t properly remove moist, stale air from the building, and mean that the air delivered to you can pick up impurities along the way too. If a toilet exhaust leaks on its way out of the building, and especially if ventilation ducts also leak, the air in living spaces can be fouled with unpleasant and unhygienic smells. Leaking ducts can also cause noise issues, with whistling and vibrations being experienced in the indoor environment.

Sick Building Syndrome

Sick Building Syndrome describes a situation where spending time in an indoor environment makes people feel ill, and it is often caused by the VOCs in a building not being exhausted to the outside well enough or quickly enough so that people breathe in these contaminants and become unwell.

Being warm or cool enough is essential for a healthy home and a productive workplace.

Testing, adjusting and balancing of ventilation systems entails “fine-tuning” to make sure every area receives good airflow and maintains temperature. Obviously, this task is very difficult when ductwork leaks cause pressure drops, and some zones miss out on their share of air conditioning. Sealed ducts mean all zones can be effectively balanced, and all areas are kept comfortable – and productive.

Proper ventilation and airtight duct systems can solve these problems and using Aeroseal to fix leaky ducts is a very cost-effective, efficient, and smart solution to achieve higher indoor environmental quality

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