Dyna-Tite Zip Clip

Dyna-Tite Zip Clip

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Dyna-Tite Zip Clip - 30041 - 30042 - 30043

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The Duro Dyne Zip Clip combined with wire rope is a more efficient and less time consuming method of duct hanging. The Zip Clip has a spring loaded pawl which allows entry and passage of wire rope through the cable lock. Once engaged by the pawl the wire rope is gripped with increasing pressure as the suspended load is increased. To enable adjustment each Zip Clip has an integrated release to disengage the gripping pawl. Work Load Limit = 100 Kg. Comes with wire rope loop. Built in 5:1 safety factor. Fits inside standard 41 x 41 mm strut. Stocked in three sizes: 30041 - 1.5M cable, 30042 - 3M cable, 30043 - 4.57M cable. *